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Shanghai Wafer Microelectronics Co.,Ltd - Manufacture Automatic Door Sensor Series

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Shanghai Wafer Microelectronics Co.,Ltd. is specialized in research and development of the automatic door sensor (autodoor sensor) ,safety beam sensor, Photo Electric Sensor , remote control system,microwave and infrared contactless switch,vehicle loop detector,active and passive infrared sensor control system. Wafer products have got a good market share not only in the Chinese market,but also in the world market ,and they are now widely used in the automaitc door,sliding door,swing gate,swing door,revolving door,sliding gate,garage door and supply the safety for the supermarket,business centre,transport station,hospital and so on.

Microwave Sensor Series
GSM-KEY EasyGate System
Safety Beam Sensor WS-210


Products such as automatic door sensors (autodoor sensor), Photo Electric Sensor ,GSM KEY to Easy Gate System , microwave sensors,safety beam sensor,infrared sensor,infrared contactless switch,wireless touchless switch, microwave contactless switch,door bell ,program switch,vehicle loop detector and hopping code remote control system,wireless push button switch manufactured by Wafer can be used to meet those challenges. The integration of electronic sensor technology is easily achieved in these applications: automatic sliding door,sliding gate,swing door,swing gate,revolving door, industrial door, industrial garage door, industrial safety equipment, motion control and detect system and machine control.


Wireless Contactless Sensor

Safety Beam Sensor WS-212

Contactless Switch Series

What is our main business:

Wafer provide the customers with the best automatic door sensor and switch solutions for automatic door and gate. Wafer has built two reliable system: Sensor system and Remote control system for automatic door and gate control .Wafer has also used its sensor technology expertise to expand into markets such as the Vehicle detect system, Safety alarm system, Transportation and Industrial application. Wafer hope to have a wide cooperation with companies from all over the world.and we will provide you our best products and best service.Now our clients covers not only in China but also in Singapore,Taiwan,South korea,India ,Malaysia ,Australia,south africa and so on.

Key Switch Series

Parking Space Detector

Wireless Push Switch

Expand the world,Toward the future:

With our excellent staffs and workers,advanced and efficient test equipments,perfect sales network,strict QA systems,we have all reasons to be confident on products and our service.